Sensory Products

A collection of the best sensory products for our Yogibo family.

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  1. Puzzle Pillow
    Puzzle Pillow

    Comfy Puzzle shaped throw pillow

    As low as $25.00
  2. Mood Pillow
    Mood Pillow

    Fun, interchangeable pillow!

  3. Yogibo Max
    Yogibo Max

    Our Absolute Bestseller

    As low as $259.00
  4. Yogibo Mini
    Yogibo Mini

    Personal-sized bean bag chair.

    As low as $139.00
  5. Hugibo

    Loveable bean bag friend

    As low as $149.00
  6. Cozybo - Cotton Blanket

    Wrap yourself in awesome!

    As low as $79.00
  7. Caterpillar Roll
    Caterpillar Roll

    Colorful, striped body pillow

    As low as $109.00
  8. Buddy Roll - Body Roll Purple
    Buddy Roll

    Portable size body pillow

    As low as $49.00
  9. Yogibo Roll Body Sofa Back Pillow
    Yogibo Roll

    6 foot full Body Support Pillow

    As low as $99.00
  10. Zoola Max Outdoor Bean Bag
    Zoola Max

    Outdoor 6 Foot Bean Bag

    As low as $259.00
  11. Zoola Mini
    Zoola Mini

    Outdoor personal bean bag

    As low as $139.00
  12. Ernest the Elephant
    Ernest the Elephant

    Don't pack your trunk without him!

  13. Shelby the Panda
    Shelby the Panda

    Bamboo-chompin' buddy!

  14. Tiberius the Turtle
    Tiberius the Turtle

    Don't try to win the race!

  15. Saul the Sloth
    Saul the Sloth

    Be lazy with this buddy!


Items 1-15 of 23

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