Sensory Products

A collection of the best sensory products for our Yogibo family.

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  1. Puzzle Pillow
    Puzzle Pillow

    Comfy Puzzle shaped throw pillow

    As low as $25.00
  2. Mood Pillow
    Mood Pillow

    Fun, interchangeable pillow!

  3. Yogibo Max
    Yogibo Max

    Our Absolute Bestseller

    As low as $259.00
  4. Yogibo Mini
    Yogibo Mini

    Personal-sized bean bag chair.

    As low as $139.00
  5. Hugibo

    Loveable bean bag friend

    As low as $149.00
  6. Cozybo - Cotton Blanket

    Wrap yourself in awesome!

    As low as $79.00
  7. Buddy Roll - Body Roll Purple
    Buddy Roll

    Portable size body pillow

    As low as $49.00
  8. Yogibo Roll Body Sofa Back Pillow
    Yogibo Roll

    6 foot full Body Support Pillow

    As low as $99.00
  9. Zoola Max Outdoor Bean Bag
    Zoola Max

    Outdoor 6 Foot Bean Bag

    As low as $259.00
  10. Zoola Mini
    Zoola Mini

    Outdoor personal bean bag

    As low as $139.00
  11. Ernest the Elephant
    Ernest the Elephant

    Don't pack your trunk without him!

  12. Shelby the Panda
    Shelby the Panda

    Bamboo-chompin' buddy!

  13. Tiberius the Turtle
    Tiberius the Turtle

    Don't try to win the race!

  14. Saul the Sloth
    Saul the Sloth

    Be lazy with this buddy!

  15. Diogo the Dog
    Diogo the Dog

    Loyal-To-The-End Canine Friend


Items 1-15 of 23

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